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The Mutare Group is a full service, customer focused company providing organizational services including consulting, training seminars, coaching, and presentations on a variety of topics. Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, motivated entrepreneurs, executives, and employees at every level. Our approach is to form partnerships with our customers and provide customized organizational development services to transform specific challenges into positive results.

We custom design effective programs utilizing adult learning techniques and our extensive experience in organizational development. Seminars and presentations offer participants opportunities to develop transferable skills useful in many workplace situations. Our processes are customer oriented and value centered. Any program we design for your business will achieve positive results.

Our practitioners bring a proven combination of real world experience and academic achievement to meet and exceed our customer's expectations. We collaborate with multi-industry businesses to:

  • Build and improve processes and systems
  • Deliver educational sessions
  • Implement and measure improvement and transition strategies
  • Promote the advantages of change through motivational presentations

The Mutare Group
P.O. Box 230126
Boston, MA 02115
Tel. 617-266-3057
Email: change@mutaregroup.com

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