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“Dr. Waters’ skills in communicating our needs for increased marketing approaches has added several new clients to Forget-Me-Not. AAAA+ company to work with.”

– Chuck Doucette, VP, Forget-Me-Not (Personalized Professional Mailings)

“In my working experience with Dr. Waters, I have found her to be a subject matter expert in her field, customer focused, skilled, and effective.”

– Lynda Southerland, Specialist, Training, Education and Development

“Enthusiastic and encouraging as well as focused and very, very helpful – thank you so much!”

– Emma Zevik, Creative Cooperation

“The Mutare Group has demonstrated in a very professional manner their dedication to provide focused customer sensitivity with useful training information.”

– Joseph Oakley, President PC’S 4 U

“With a twenty year background in the telecommunications industry, Dr. Waters brings valuable insight and knowledge to her business. Choosing a seasoned professional like Dr. Waters will guarantee you the type of outcome you’ve come to expect from your next corporate project.”

– Carole Copeland Thomas, MBA, C. Thomas & Associates

“Your advice was direct and useful. You understood our needs, exceeded our expectations, and helped us to develop strategies to accomplish our goals. Thanks!”

– Karen Hinds, President of The Hinds Company & Author of Get Along, Get Ahead: 101 Courtesies for the New Workplace